Manufacture of identification plates, covers and labels in plastic and metallic materials; rigid and flexible.


INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY manufactures plastic components using the thermoforming process, in which a sheet of thermoplastic material is softened by a temperature increase and subsequently, applying a vacuum, adapt its shape according to a mold, obtaining thus the shape of the desired piece.


Fortus450mc 3D printer with a printing area of ​​400 × 355 × 400mm and an accuracy of up to 0.1270mm
AIRBUS certified machine

Using FDM technology, pieces are created layer by layer, from bottom to top by adition of a previously heated thermoplastic material thread. These layers remain well welded, thus guaranteeing the robustness of the pieces.

We have a wide range of high performance resistant thermoplastics.


INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY designs and manufactures any type of interior or exterior equipment, covers and textile protections with industrial machinery and specialized technical advice.

Hand cut and sewing (assisted by controlled tooling), laser cut, or water-jet cut for textile parts. Textile quality material waterproof and self-extinguishing, certified to ABD0031 or FAR25.853


Accesorios. Equipos de tierra. Equipo en espuma y textil para sector aeronautico

INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY S.L. has more than 10 years of experience in assembling aeronautical structures, from mechanized assemblies to GSE structures that combine different types of materials, among which are metallic, plastics, foams and textiles.